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How to Power UP Your Mind: Episode 11 PREVIEW

Did you know you can power UP your mind by quieting it down? It’s easier than you think and you needn’t sit on a bed of nails to do it. Plus, psychotherapist Dr. Colleen Mullen will share a unique way to shut off worry and turn on your brain full-blast…and much more.

Brain Foods vs Stupid Foods: Episode 10 PREVIEW

They say, “You are what you eat.” To the extent it’s true, you’d want to eat lots of “brain foods” and steer clear of “stupid foods”, right? In this episode, we’ll sort out the brainy and the stupid, and functional nutritionist Jason Prall shares some foods that actually…reduce your stress!

The Costs of Multitasking (and the Solution): Episode 9 PREVIEW

Would you like to gain 10 IQ points? OK, I don’t have an evidence-based brain hack for that (yet), but I DO have evidence that multitasking reduces your IQ. That’s no joke. I’ll show you how to avoid this stupidity and Lisa Mark, a Certified Professional Organizer, puts your thoughts in order.

Episode 8: How to Prioritize

Ever get STUCK, not knowing what to prioritize? What should I work on? This? Oh crap, what about THAT? Or this OTHER thing?!! I’ll show you some brain hacks to get you unstuck. Also, attention coach Jeff Copper shares his own hack to get you moving forward again. And there’s oodles more…

Episode 4: De-Link to De-Stressify

Stress is natural. But it ain’t mandatory. You let it rob you of energy, productivity, joy and creativity. Every day. Whether you realize it or not. In this episode I’ll show you how to sniff out invisible stress and knee-cap it. Guest Expert coach Diane Dempster also helps us mug misery. And then some…

Episode 1: Decimate Your To-Do List

Your to-do list is an ugly monster. Just looking at it causes angst. Rejoice: In this episode I expose the myth that keeps your to-do list so long. Plus, our Guest Expert, coach-to-the-coaches Laurie Dupar, shares a simple hack for to-do list clarity. And why you feel your phone vibrating when it’s not.